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University Hospital North Tees

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Scope Of Care

    Northern Neonatal Network Care Pathways – January 2018


    North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust – University Hospital of North Tees


    Scope of care

    North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust provides neonatal services on its University Hospital of North Tees site in Stockton. In addition there is a Midwifery led Delivery Unit on their Hartlepool site for very low risk pregnancies managed by a team of Midwives.


    The current services provided on the North Tees site are as follows :


     NICU, University Hospital of North Tees


    Current Unit capacity

    3 Intensive Care cots.

    5 High Dependency Cots.

    12 Special Care/Transitional Care cots.


    Annual number of deliveries

    2964 (April 2016 – March 2017).


    Annual number of admissions

    429 (April 2016 – March 2017 figures).


    Current threshold for incoming ante-natal transfers

    Generally obstetricians from the seven SCBUs in the region will routinely try to transfer mothers here as one of the four receiving NICUs in the Network. We receive >27weeks gestation. This is done by direct discussion with receiving consultant obstetricians and neonatologists if a suitable Intensive care cot is available but through the dedicated regional transfer Neonatal Transfer Team (NNeTS).


    Current threshold for incoming post-natal transfers

    Babies >27/40 that have delivered elsewhere are routinely are transferred to North Tees for Intensive/High Dependency Care after Consultant to Consultant referral according to the appropriate Care Pathway. Accepted admissions will then be transferred from the referring hospital to North Tees, co-ordinated by the regional transfer team (NNeTS).


    Other thresholds for incoming post-natal transfer

    This will be discussed with North Tees clinicians and decided on a case by case basis, but examples of babies who will generally require transfer include: any baby requiring intensive or ongoing high dependency care that is outside the gestation threshold above, HIE’s needing active cooling, some surgical cases (see below), congenital/cardiac anomalies for further assessment if they do not require immediate transfer to the Sub-Regional Unit (RVI/Freeman), babies requiring ventilation or TPN. Other babies that could normally be cared for at one of the other 3 NICUs and admitted there but cannot be accommodated because of lack of a suitable NIC cot may also be transferred here.


    Transfer services provided?

    Currently, transfers to other neonatal Units for repatriation or continuing clinical care are undertaken by the official regional transfer team (NNeTS).


    Routine investigations/tests/screening currently undertaken

    ROP screening is performed on-site. Bedside echocardiography for structural screening and haemodynamic assessment and routine ultrasounds of the cranium are done on site. CT Scans and MRI (3 Tesla) scans are also routinely performed. There are paediatric radiology services available on site for case based discussion and other radiology investigations.

    Other services and diagnostic facilities are listed below.


    Surgical procedures undertaken and/or post-surgical care provided?



    Cooling for H.I.E undertaken?

    Therapeutic cooling for babies with HIE is undertaken here and babies requiring this therapy can be transferred from one of the SCBUs if this is required/indicated after discussion with one of the neonatologists and subsequent transfer arranged via the Hotline with NNeTS.


    T.P.N. provided on-site?



    Neonatal community outreach team/services provided?

    We have two community Sisters, one covers the Stockton and the other the Hartlepool area. The also review all the NAS babies who go home on Oromorph, they hold a Synagis clinic for those babies who will be vulnerable over the winter months and they help to run the weekly High Risk Clinic for babies who are born <30 weeks or any baby who may have long term problems.


    Rooming in/Transitional Care provision on-site?

    For mothers who wish to stay in to look after their baby prior to being ready for discharge and also for those mothers who need parent craft or establishing breast feeding.

    Babies fitting transitional care criteria are currently cared for jointly with the post natal ward and Neonatal Unit.



    North Tees neonatal unit is a research active unit with 1.0 WTE neonatal research nurse and a shared data assistant.

    The unit is recognised for cardio-respiratory research and actively participates in a number of national, international and commercial trials.


    Full list of Services provided;

    • Advanced Ventilation incl. NO therapy and HFOV
    • Brain Imaging
    • Cardiology Clinics
    • Cardiology Diagnosis
    • Community Neonatal Nursing Service
    • Dedicated High Risk Infant clinic
    • Functional Echocardiography
    • Genetics Clinic
    • Neonatal Ophthalmology
    • Paediatric Dermatology Clinic
    • Specialist Neurodevelopmental Follow Up (BSID 3) of at risk infants & premmies <32 weeks
    • Therapeutic Hypothermia
    • Video EEG and aEEG facilities are available

Location Services


Location Ward Info

    Neonatal unit facilities

    Parent accommodation

    Currently we have 1 Bedroom for parents of very sick infants or parents having to travel long distance. In addition we have another 2 rooms that can be utilised for parents to use.


    Parent facilities

    There is a kitchen area with Tea/ Coffee facilities. In addition there is also a Kettle, Toaster, Microwave and Fridge. Next to the kitchen is a sitting/ waiting room.


    Mobile phone use

    If possible refrain from using mobile phones in the Nurseries. Mobile Phones can be used on the Landing or in the Parent sitting room and Side rooms.


    Telephone and computer access

    No Computer Access. There is a payphone on the Unit. Phone Calls can under certain circumstances be made from the Unit Phone on request.


    Breastfeeding facilities and support

    Electric Breast Pumps are available to use on the Unit. In addition we now have Electric Portable Breast Pumps to Loan. Ask Staff for further details. All Staff can offer support and advice.


    Facilities for siblings

    There is a playroom situated within the parents sitting/ waiting room. All children need to be supervised at all times.


    Bereavement support

    Bereavement Support Officer available and can refer for counselling in house if required.


    Parent support group

    Held 1st and 3rd Tuesday 13:00 – 14:30 at Footsteps Childrens Centre, Ochill Terrace, Billingham, TS23 2QL.


    Who’s who on the unit?

    Consultant(s) on the unit

    Dr C Harikumar, Professor S Gupta, Dr S Janakiraman, Dr S Job, Dr Prakash Loganathan


    Unit manager

    Ward Matron – Debbie Bryan

    Clinical Lead – Jane Malcolm

    Medical Staff: Senior House Officers and Registrars are based within the Unit of whom you will be in contact with Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (ANNP) – Jane Malcolm, Sue Stones

    Sisters/ TeamLead: Sue Stones, Linda Newcombe, Jayne Jobling, Denise Carr, Marie Lawton, Julie King, Julie Colarossi

    Staff Nurses: A team of 41 Qualified Neonatal Nurses work on the Unit

    Research Nurses: Wendy Cheadle


    Infant feeding coordinator

    Lorraine Spencer – Specialist Midwife


    Family centred care lead

    Rebecca Taylor


    Community nursing team

    Katy Quinn/Claire Flanagan

    Housekeepers: Lynne, Kay, Glynnis and Jan

    Domestic: Linda and Jean


    What to expect when you arrive

    How to access the Unit

    The Neonatal Unit (Ward 23) is situated on the 2nd Floor Main Tower Block and access to the Unit is gained through an Intercom System. Main Door to the Unit is Locked at all times and released for access.


    Who to talk to if you have any concerns

    Debbie Bryan – Ward Matron, Jane Malcolm – Clinical Lead or any of our Team Leads/Sisters


    Talking to the medical team

    You can discuss any concerns on the Ward Round or alternatively Time will be made available upon request.


    Ward round

    Daily Starting approximately 09:30am


    Baby rest time

    Quiet Time for Babies is 13:00-15:00 hours daily

Location Directions

    By car

    Nearest car park

    Main Car Park situated directly in Front of Hospital


    Car parking charges

    • £3 – 12 Hours Multiple Visits
    • £6 – 24 Hours Multiple Visits
    • £10 – 28 Day Pass


    By bus

    Nearest bus stop

    Within Hospital Grounds – Opposite Main Entrance


    By train

    Nearest railway station



    Download Hospital Map

    View on Google Maps >

Location Visiting Info

    Visiting information


    Open Visiting



    Open Visiting



    4 – 6pm


    Family and Friends

    4 – 6pm


    Number of visitors

    Maximum 4 including a parent



    No Children Under 12 unless Sibling of Infant


    Hygiene and infection prevention

    Outdoor Coats can be hung up near the Parents Sitting Room. We request that ALL Visitors use the Hand Gel on entry to the unit. Gel Dispensers are situated throughout the Unit including at each cot side. Hand Basins are situated in each room.


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