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Welcome to Northern Neonatal Network

Welcome to the website of the Northern Neonatal Network, which aims to provide information about the Network and the 10 neonatal units within it.The Northern Neonatal Network is one of the 13 (10 in England) Managed Clinical Networks for neonatal care in the UK. They were re-designated as “Operational Delivery Networks” in England in April 2013.

The Network was brought together as a formal group following recommendations from the Department of Health to ensure babies and families in the north east of England and north Cumbria receive the highest possible quality of care. The Network is governed by a Board, made up of representatives from each of the Provider NHS Trusts within it, together with other health care professionals, as well as parent representatives.

Providing Neonatal Care Parent Leaflet 2023

We have recently developed a leaflet which can be given to families, to explain why their baby may receive care in more than one hospital.

We know that many families did not expect to spend time in a neonatal unit, and movement between hospitals is an aspect of their journey which can be difficult to understand. It is hoped that this leaflet can explain why this is necessary, and the things that we can do as professionals to support them. We will be providing each unit with copies of this leaflet, and it will also be available electronically through maternity Badger.

Click on the links below to download the leaflet as either a word document or a PDF.

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The Northern Neonatal Network is one of the largest of the neonatal networks in England in terms of geographical area covered. It covers eight trusts and stretches from the borders of Cumbria and Northumberland down past the Tees valley into North Yorkshire, where it meets the Yorkshire & Humber Neonatal Network.

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Providing specialist and intensive neonatal care to babies born in the North East and Cumbria.

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We have created a very useful smartphone app with all the information required for families about our network hospitals & services. Please download it by clicking one of the following links

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