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Preterm Birth Resources

Information for parents and families.

The Preterm Birth Group which is part of the North East and North Cumbria Clinical Networks is raising awareness about the signs and symptoms of preterm birth.


Data in our region tells us that women and birthing people can present to maternity services late when they are experiencing labour before 37 weeks – known as preterm birth.


There are signs and symptoms of preterm birth, so if women and birthing people come to maternity services early enough, we can offer treatment and support that can help them and their baby. 



If you begin to experience preterm birth symptoms, the Preterm Birth Group has published this leaflet which provides more detail on the treatment options.

Here are a range of testimonies from staff around some of the support that’s available and women who have experienced preterm birth:

Sarah’s story

Sarah tells her story of preterm birth. She noticed signs early in her pregnancy and got in touch with maternity services who helped and supported her. 

Nadia’s story

Nadia shares her story of preterm birth with twins at just 22 weeks. She wrote a book about what happened which goes into detail her deeply personal experience.

Katie's story

Katie explains her immediate feelings and experience she had straight after giving birth to her premature baby.

Sarah's story

Sarah was away for the weekend whilst she was 28 weeks pregnant with her son when she started to experience pains. She didn't realise she was experiencing preterm birth.

Stef’s story

Stef is a labour ward coordinator at the QE in gateshead who also experienced her own preterm birth. She shares how some of the signs are more subtle than full term labour. 

Read this blog, from one woman who experienced preterm birth during the COVID pandemic.

Signs and symptoms

Carla, a midwife from Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust explains some of the signs of preterm birth. 

Karen is a midwife in Gateshead who explains signs of preterm birth and some of the treatments we can offer.

Breastmilk for preterm babies

Claire, an infant feeding coordinator explains why breastmilk can be beneficial to premature babies.

Kelly is a sister at the QE in Gatehead and she explains how we can help women to provide breastmilk for preterm babies.




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