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Information for parents and families.

Welcome to the parents and families section of the Northern Neonatal Network website. The information in this section is meant to help provide information and sources of additional information to support you and your family through a difficult time.

Although we try to work on the principal that babies will be cared for as close to home as possible, it is sometimes the case that we need to be arrange for the transfer of your baby between the 10 Units across the Network area, as well as the specialist Cardiac wards at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle. This is usually on the basis of clinical need, such as when babies require a different level of specialised care than can be provided “locally”, but can also arise when particular Units are full and do not have a cot available for that care. However, once your baby is well enough to be looked after at the Unit closest to home that provide the appropriate level of care, transfer will be arranged as soon as possible.

Baby transfers are now undertaken by our dedicated neonatal transport team “NNeTS” (Northern Neonatal Transport Service), based at the RVI, Newcastle. One of the team will explain the transfer process to you when they arrive if this is necessary. We do appreciate however that parents, families and friends may be visiting other hospitals for the first time and will be very unfamiliar with the facilities available there. To help inform them at such times, we have got some standard information that visitors will find invaluable on this website, listing things like full addresses, visiting details, information about the Baby Unit, parking facilities.

You can easily download these and print them out and keep as a reference and source of information. Details can change from time to time and we attempt to keep these as up to date as possible, but do check with the staff at each hospital and let them know if there seem to be any changes we need to know about so they can inform us. We would also encourage people with smartphones to download the free “Parent App”, which is an even more comprehensive resource, giving maps and directions to hospitals and detailed information that you may find invaluable. This is free to download from both the iTunes and Android/Googleplay App stores by searching for “NNN”. You can also download the “Parent App” by clicking on the below links:



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We have created a very useful smartphone app with all the information required for families about our network hospitals & services. Please download it by clicking one of the following links

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