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Education and Training

Neonatal Education Training & Study Days

Neonatal Education Training & Study Days

The Northern Neonatal network has a long history of providing high quality education. This was the region where the nationally delivered NLS course originated .

Every year we provide both regular and ad hoc events and are open to tailoring and setting up educational events to the needs of the staff in the region.


Key Teaching Events

The network stabilisation course

This was started over 6 years ago by Dr Steve Byrne, the previous clinical lead of the Northern Neonatal Network, with the idea of providing training in stabilisation and management of infants in the DGH setting while awaiting transfer to one of the tertiary centres.

In subsequent years it has evolved to take advantage of high fidelity neonatal simulation equipment and clinical learning tools to aid development of the practical skills required in this group of infants. It is taught local to the centres referring into NNETS and allows for local teams to practice together with equipment that is familiar to them. The course runs in a one day format with a mix of lectures, interactive workshops and simulation offered. It covers four core areas



Durham & Darlington

North Cumbria

Though the course has a set format the network is always open to making adaptions to suit the needs of local units and this can be done via Richard Hearn.

Case reviews

Since 2016 we have been offering to facilitate local review of cases with medical staff from the level 3 centres. This has generally been cases which have required retrieval from the DGH setting but could include cases where an organisation felt external input would be beneficial. This has been a useful learning experience from both sides and continues to be offered on request.

Nurse training days

The network supports, free to candidates.

Foundation training in Neonates (Pre-QIS)

Respiratory Study day (Part of QIS)

Family centred and Developmental care study day (Part of QIS)

Ad Hoc training days

Over the past few years we have offered Simulation training days, a nutritional study day, research study days, palliative care study days to name but a few events. If you have an idea for an educational event please contact the network team to discuss and we will endeavour to support the education our staff need and want.

Latest News

Providing specialist and intensive neonatal care to babies born in the North East and Cumbria.

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