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Liaison Work

Service outline.

NNeTS works to the principle of transparent, honest, accountable practice and there are several ways in which this interlinks with other units and services within the wider Northern Neonatal Network:



NNeTS governance activity takes place every day. there is a NNeTS governance lead in conjunction with the Medical and Specialist Nurse service leads listed. We have a formal, open-invite, bimonthly governance meeting and the wider team governance activities (including guideline development, audit and training) are embedded within the overarching governance process of the host directorate and Trust. NNeTS both participate in (and where required provides a chair for) debriefings and case/mortality reviews at SCBUs/NICUs around the region in those cases which have involved the transport service. Any requests for a NNeTS representative to attend a case/mortality review, debrief or other meeting where transport input is required should be directed to Dr. Tinnion in the first instance as far in advance of the meeting date as possible. Learning from NNeTS governance will be shared with Network organisations where appropriate and relevant to improving the experience of babies requiring or undergoing transport in the region.



NNeTS welcomes any feedback or queries about clinical interaction with the team and team members. This can be in any of the usual modalities (a telephone call, email or written) and should be directed to the relevant NNeTS team lead. Please note: NNeTS specifically has one medical and one nursing liaison contact within each unit/organisation in the region that are service users through which feedback and contact should be made in order to keep the flow of information streamlined and avoid (for example) multipartite email trails. Critical clinical incidents can also be reported by the Datix system, directed externally to NNeTS (within Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust).



The NNeTS team leads will visit NICUs/SCBUs around the region on an annual basis in order to offer teams an opportunity to meet the senior NNeTS staff and discuss issues pertaining to NNeTS delivered transport face-to- face.

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