University Hospital of North Durham

University Hospital of North Durham

Neonatal unit facilities

Parent accommodation
We have a family room available for use prior to a baby being discharged. When your baby is nearing discharge, a nurse will speak to you about this room.

Parent facilities
There is a small sitting area for parents with some toys for young children.

Mobile phone use
We ask that mobile phones are not to be used within the nursery, they may be used within the corridor and seating area.

Telephone and computer access
There is no computer available for parent use. There is a payphone at main reception.

Breastfeeding facilities and support
All our staff are trained to provide breastfeeding support. They will be willing to support all mums with. There is also a breastfeeding room available as a private area to express. We have 2 electrical pumps on the unit. We also have some electrical breast pumps for home use but we do ask for these to be returned at discharge for use by other parents. If you do so wish, we can give a hand attachment following discharge to allow the continuation of expressing.

Facilities for siblings
There is a small sitting area for parents with some toys for young children.

Bereavement support
There is a dedicated bereavement support worker for UHND who can be accessed via a nurse.

Who’s who on the unit?

Consultant(s) on the unit
Dr. Garbash (Neonatal lead), Dr. Cronin, Dr. Nyamugunduru, Dr. Stewart, Dr. Posner, Dr. Workman, Dr. Arabi, Dr. Balu, Dr. Nair, Dr. Spencer, Dr. Shah, Dr. Ghazal

Unit manager
Ann Bowes

Infant feeding coordinator
Christine Tulip

Family centred care lead
Jessica Shepherd

Developmental care lead
There is a team of nurses designated to developmental care.

Community nurse
Our community team is provided by nurses working on the unit.

What to expect when you arrive

How to access the Unit
We can be found on the 1st floor. To access the unit, we have secure doors which require you to ‘buzz’ for access.

Who to talk to if you have any concerns
If there are any concerns, please talk to the nurse looking after your baby.

Talking to the medical team
The medical team are around each morning for ward round. If you wish to speak to the medical team then please ask the nurse looking after your baby.

Ward round
Ward round takes place on a morning. However, the time may vary slightly as our doctor’s work between SCBU and children’s ward. On a Friday morning we have a “grand round” where the medical team discuss all babies and their care as a team.

Baby rest time
There is no designated rest time for babies. However, we do ask that noise be kept at a minimum when within the nursery.

Visiting information

The NNU provide an open visiting policy. This means you are welcome to visit at any time, for as long as you wish. Please limit visitors to 2 per cot in addition to parents. Siblings are also very welcome, but no other children under 16 years please.
We ask all visitors to gel their hands on entry to the NNU and then wash them at the sinks within the main nursery. There are hooks available to hang outdoor coats.

By car

Nearest car park
Hospital car park is situated at the main entrance of the hospital and is well signposted. There is also a private pay and display car park just at the entrance to the hospital that can be used.

Car parking charges
Parents are entitled to a permit which allows them to park at the hospital for free. These can be given out on a weekly basis by the nurse looking after your baby.
For all other visitors, car parking charges are as follows:

  • 0 – 2 hours: £2.50
  • 2 – 3 hours: £3.00
  • 3 – 24 hours: £4.00

Nearest bus stop

There is a bus stop opposite the hospital.

Nearest railway station

Durham railway station is approx a 20min walk from the hospital.


Cashpoint machine
There is a cash point located on the ground floor near A& E entrance . It will not charge you to use it.

Catering/refreshment facilities (in the hospital)
The hospital has a canteen on the 2nd floor. Opening times vary. There are also two WRVS shops selling sandwiches, hot and cold drinks and confectionary.

Other shops on site/nearby
There are two WRVS shops on site with varied opening times.

Laundry facilities
No facilities on site. We do have an external laundry service for hospital items. We do ask that clothing belonging to your baby be taken home and washed.

Religious and spiritual support
Chaplains always available to attend meetings to discuss with parents/ families how best to meet spiritual/ faith needs. Chaplin’s can be accessed via the nurse looking after your baby. There is also a prayer room available for use by all situated on level 1.

Patient Advocacy Liaison Service (PALS)
The contact number is 08007835774.

Interpreting services
We have full access to interpreters. If you require an interpreter, one will be accessed.

Access to a midwife
Midwives are happy to see mothers on ward 10. If possible please bring handheld notes. If the ward is busy, they may ask you to come back at a more convenient time.