Reports and Data

The Network publishes a comprehensive Annual Report each summer, summarising and outlining its performance over the previous financial year, including achievements and progress against agreed objectives. These are made available via hard copy to local stakeholders, but a downloadable version can be found by clicking on the links below;

Northern Neonatal Network 6th Annual Report(2015-16)

Northern Neonatal Network 5th Annual Report(2014-15)

Northern Neonatal Network 4th Annual Report(2013-14)

Northern Neonatal Network 3rd Annual Report(2012-13)

Northern Neonatal Network 2nd Annual Report(2011-12)

Northern Neonatal Network 1st Annual Report(2010-11)

The Northern Neonatal Network produces regular, detailed reports that contain collated data from across our neonatal units. We publish these in summary form on a quarterly basis. They are then aggregated and included in our comprehensive Network Annual Reports that can be found elsewhere in this section.

We aim to keep 1 years worth of these quarterly Reports archived on this website on a rolling basis.

The Network is aiming to produce a data dashboard that will eventually enable key anonymised activity data from each of our Units to be viewed in a more bespoke and interactive way. This will be enabled and available here, so please check back to view once it is live!