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Network Policies and Guidelines

Network Guidelines

Guidelines are written for use across the Network and consist of general guidance of a non-clinical nature, as well as ones specifically written for use in clinical practice. All are ratified and signed off by the Network Board after following the agreed process and under the scrutiny of the Network Guideline Group. Once published below, they are available and designed to be used and followed by all Units, subject to periodic revisions as laid out in each and/or when new research becomes available. They are designed to supplement and compliment, not directly replace, any existing local Trust Policies unless unanimously agreed at Board level where they are of a clinical nature. These Guidelines seek to standardise appropriate areas of practice and care, improve quality and outcomes and are based on the best and most up to date evidence available and expert opinion drawn from representatives across the Network.

Current Network Guidelines and Policies can be downloaded by following the links below:

Clinical Guidelines

Metoclopramide – Domperidone RCT

Network Cooling Guideline

Network Mouthcare Guideline

NEC and Surgical Transfers Management Guideline

Bloodspot Guideline

Network Lactation Guideline

Developmental Care Guideline

Family Centred Care Guideline

Network Vitamins, iron & fortifier Guidance

The Network has also agreed a joint approach to the antenatal management of peri-viable babies under 24 weeks gestation with the Northern Maternity & Child Health Strategic Clinical Network (SCN). To see a copy of this, please click on the below link:

Management of peri-viable babies - a joint consensus statement (NNN/NMCHSCN)

General Guidelines

Guidline on Badger cross-access

Guideline on sponsorship/business standards

Expenses guideline

Network NorBOS 2 Year Follow-up Guideline

Guidelines Opt-out form

Guideline Opt Out Form


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